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MAC Lipstick Dupes

Since I just announced the winners of my first ever NYX giveaway, I thought it would be fun to look for some dupes for MAC within the NXY Cosmetics line.

I will be posting new dupes as I find them. If you ladies have dupes you would like to share or find please tag me on IG: #twofacedhoney, I would love to share you suggestions and reviews.

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Giveaway Winners

NYX Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the NYX giveaway! These young ladies are doing wonderful things on instagram you should check out their posts, you will be glad you did: @garlenec76, @eyessounique, @saappnaa786!

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NYX Cosmetics Giveaway

Have you entered yet?

Well, here is your chance to win 5 NYX Soft Matte Lip glosses!

Check my instagram post, @twofacedhoney for giveaway details and to enter.

Good luck to everyone!

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The Authority of Aubergine

The Darker Side of Purple

Long connected with the Kings and Queens of the royal houses, this intense purple hue lends an air of sophistication and sensual allure to any Fall look. Like navy,  it's subtle enough for a smoldering smoky eye.

Try pairing this power packed color with:
    • Orange: These two commanding hues won't clash, instead the will give an extra punch to your look when wore together
    • Navy: A deep blue shade may not be one of the easiest hue to pair with purple, but the result is breathtaking 
    • Blush: This dainty color will help you to double up on the girlie factor
    • Cobalt: This wild card pairing is fashion-forward and one of the the seasons top color picks
Try your favorite eyeshadow combinations with this shade that's made for Fall. Check on instagram: @twofacedhoney to see the looks I created with this plum colored hue. 

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Makeup Tip: Avoid Getting Mascara On Your Eyeshadow

Mascara Nightmare

 how to avoid getting mascara smudges on your eyeshadow via

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