Midsummer's Night Dream

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Summer Romance

Try this romantic summer look for a date night or when you want to feel extra girly:

Eyes: Maybelline; The Blushing Nudes Palette
          E.L.F. Studio; Eyes, Lips, Face Palette
          Jordana; Quickliner Eyeliner, 01 Black
          Milani; Easy Brow Automatic Pencil, Dark Brown
          Black Radiance; Lash Lengthening Mascara
                                     Continuous Creme Eyeliner, Classic Black

Face: Black Opal; True Color Creme to Powder Foundation, 03-Truly Topaz
          Iman; Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder, Afterglow
          L.A. Girl; Pro Conceal HD concealer
          Santee Cosmetic; Mineral Blush & Bronzer, Color 02   
          Anastsia Beverly Hills; Contour Kit, Medium to Tan
          Ruby Kisses; 3D Face Creator Level 09 & Level 16
                                Mineral Powder; Caramel
                                HD Set n' Forget Setting Powder, Banana
Lips: Absolute New York; Long Wear Waterproof Gel Lip Liner, Cherry
          Ulta; Lip Color, Pink Diamond Matte - 252

For the Diva on a budget, these products are affordable and can be found in your local drugstore or beauty supply store. I encourage you to try these products and this look, and please share!

The Honey,

The Last Word: Thoughts of a Beauty Blogger


Can We Talk? 

We Must Embrace Our Own Unique Beauty

With so many different social media outlets granting more and more of us the opportunity to become “insta-famous,” why then are there still those who struggle with accepting the beauty of who we are as a people?

Mainstream media only seems to let a few of us into their inner circle at a time, and we all cried tears as we sat attentively listening to Lupita Nyong’os acceptance speech at the 2014 Black Women of Hollywood awards luncheon, where she recounted her own personal struggle with what she called her “Dark Beauty” The impact of her words not only gave validation to  the struggle of self-acceptance every woman of color has had to deal with at some point in her life, from the lightest to the darkest, but also a sense of pride as the media crowned this mahogany beauty the “it” girl of the moment. That is the reason why we must lead the way in impacting how we are represented in the media. 

We as social media “gurus” have a social responsibility and must make it our undertaking to guarantee that women of color no matter the range of shade, skin tone, shape, and hair texture and style are celebrated on these very power social media platforms. We have to fill the gaps in these channels with images and representations that exalt our diverse beauty, I for one, do not take this mission lightly. We are here to take the hurt out of the “color thing” that assaults us daily and the more we celebrate us, the easier it makes for us to get past self-doubt and to see ourselves as the magnificent creations that we are.

A wise woman once said, “There’s something about our strength, our honesty, our rhythm, our curves, our song. We cannot be articulated into one Black woman”, (Solange Piaget Knowles) with that said, all I can say is, it’s not about vanity, but taking hold our victory and claiming our rightful place as Queens in these realm.

The Honey

Vintage-inspired Summer Style

The Off-shoulder Top

Vintage-inspired Summer Style
I am always happy to try a new trend, but you can never go wrong with the demure silhouette of an off-shoulder top. This vintage-inspired summer trend is not overtly sexy, but refreshingly feminine and flirty, and it is so easy to put together. Whether paired with a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans, this piece is timeless. 
- The Honey

Vintage-inspired Summer Style by two-faced-honey

Bsrian atwood shoes

Chain necklace

Bebe sunglasses

Wardrobe Staple: Boyfriend Jeans

Holy Bat Wings!

Product Review

Ardell Self-Adhesive Lashes

I have a confession to make when it comes to lashes (I am a shame to admit this as a MUA), I am too dang impatient with false lashes to apply them on myself. I have had my share of ruined makeup looks that I couldn't posts due to the messy glue. Determined to master this skill, I knuckled-down and went on a lash haul to perfect this technique, and just as I have gotten the hang of it, wouldn't you know it, I would find these self-adhesive lashes at my local drugstore and at 50% off! Where have you been all my freelance life!
Like everyone else, I have purchased beauty products whose results I would think would be questionable and it won't live up to my expectation or deliver the results that the product company so boldly promises. So, I put these lashes to the test. Originally, Ardell debuted this complete line of self-adhesive lashes in 2012 at a price of $7.49, but I got them for fifty percent off. Ardell Self-Adhesive Lashes is a line of lashes made of 100 percent human hair with an adhesive strip attached to the lash line, and comes with an additional replacement adhesive strip.The application of these lashes is pretty much straightforward, you just peel them from the adhesive backing, trim to fit the shape of your eye and gently press them into the lash line. These lashes undeniable has the easiest lash application ever! Literally, it's that simple: peel, trim, press, and ((bam!!)) instant glam. these lashes look natural and I really like the fact that I didn't have to deal with the globs of glue to remove from my lash line. Make sure to trim the lashes to fit before you adhere them because adhering them to your skin is not cool. Tip: you can cut these lashes shorter and place them towards the end for a more natural look. These lashes are a steal and I highly recommend them for beginners. These lashes definitely exceeded my expectations!

The only problem that I could find with these lashes is that it seems to be a discontinued line, so I'm about to make a mad dash to the drugstores around town to get as many as I can get my hands on!

The Honey,

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Welcome to The Honeycomb Hideout!

I am so glad you found my blog and welcome to the Honey's Spot. I know what you're thinking, another "Beauty Guru", just what the online community needs, so with that in mind, let me just say, I created this blog to be a one stop shop for your beauty news, current trending topics and to showcase the many beauty and style options available on the cyber highway. My goals is to guide you through the cyber maze of information while we take a journey to explore the endless possibilities of the color spectrum that the beauty industry has to offer, and to encourage and motivate women of all ages to confidently embrace their natural beauty. So, take a moment to explore my blog, and as I am continually striving to provide you with the most up to date information, I would ask that you please comment, and share your thoughts on related topics you would like me to posts about. 

The Honey,
"If you're gonna be two-faced honey, 
  at least make one pretty."

Beauty on the Go

Product Review: 
E.L.F., 85pc. Eyes, Lips, Face: Complete the Look Palette

This makeup collection for your eyes, lips and face allows you to become your own makeup artist whenever, wherever. You can skillfully master a beauty look that reflects your own personal style with this complete, all-in-one palette. The slim-line design with 85 pieces offers endless color & texture combinations of shadows, lip and face products for a effortless, yet flawless beauty on-the go. There are: Sixty eyeshadows; Twenty lip colors; Three blushes, and two bronzers at $20.00, this palette is a steal of a deal!

The palette is a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades that offer a woman of color a lot of options for creating multiple looks, though it would benefit from more highlighting shades. I have tried high-end and low-end palettes, but this palette I am really loving in this moment. Most other palettes that I have tried,  the transitional shadows, are ashy looking on my lids, but the shades in this palette play well to the cool undertones of my eyes. The shadows are smooth and very buildable, but wear longer and blend better with the addition of a primer. The lip colors are lovely, made a of semi-gloss consistency, and can also benefit from primer or liner as a base for maximum wearability. The blushes are soft, natural shades that build nicely and do not cake or oxidized if used with a primer, (oily skin beware - must use primer). The lightest blush, which is a pale dusty rose would work better as a highlighter than a blush for me, and the darkest shade, a dark cocoa works better as a contour. The only drawback from this palette is the placement of the lip colors, which should have been placed at the top of the palette to reduce eyeshadow fall out instead of near the bottom. 

Overall, I  think this palette is an excellent value; the colors are beautiful and versatile, and I feel it would be a great palette for travel in spite of its larger size because it is very flat and would be easy to pack, it will definitely need to be properly protected as the palette is not sturdy. With the addition of foundation and brushes you would be set for any length of trip.

The Honey,

Lash Application Made Easy

Even the best of us struggle with lash application, and want to avoid ruining a beautiful eye look with messy lash glue! So, I found an easy how to video for applying strip lashes like a pro from the #lashguru! Be sure to stay tuned to my blog http://twofacedhoney.blogspot.com where I will share my drugstore find that will make lash application even simplier! #thestruggleisreal

I was Duped

Urban Decay Cosmetics: Naked 2 Palette
Kiss New York Cosmetics: Nude Seduction

Urban Decay Cosmetics: Naked 2 Palette
Urban Decay's Naked palettes are the best selling and most duplicated products in UD's cosmetics line. Naked 2 costs $54.00 and contains twelve eyeshadows: Blackout is the blackest black with a matte finish, Booty Call is a shimmery version of Cork, Busted is a deep brown with a shimmery finish, Chopper is a copper shimmer with silver micro glitter,  Foxy is a cream bisque with matte finish, Half Baked is a golden bronze with shimmery finish, Pistol is a light grayish brown with a shimmery finish, Snake Bite is a dark bronze shimmer with a metallic base, Suspect is a pale golden beige with a shimmery finish, Tease is a creamy pale brown with a matte finish, Verve is an oyster shade with a shimmery finish, YDK is a cool bronze shimmer with a metallic base, and the palette provides a double-sided brush. Some of the lighter shades have fallout. For those who have darker skin tones you will have to pack on the product for shades, such as Foxy, in order to get the same intensity of the darker shades in this palette. Overall, the shades are highly pigmented, but when paired with UD's eye primer, they are intense, love it!  The brush has the same size, feel, density, and softness as Urban Decay's full-sized brushes. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, in the case, it is justified! So, if you're a Urban Decay lover, then you will love this palette, at any cost!

Kiss New York Cosmetics: Nude Seduction Palette
Kiss New York came out with four eyeshadow palette to compete with Urban Decay's Naked product lines.  The Nude Seduction is very comparable to Urban Decay Naked 2. This palette at $5.99 is a steal and contains ten highly pigmented eyeshadow that consist of three mattes and seven shimmers, the shades have no fancy names and includes a flesh-toned eyeshadow base. The generic brush that is provided in the set is best used with the eyeshadow base than with the eye shadows themselves, This palette has eyeshadow dupes for Naked 2's: Chopper, Busted, Tease, and a few of the shades can be dupes for some of the eyeshadow in the other Naked palettes. The light matte and shimmer shades in this palette are chalky and produce the most fall out. They are not as vibrant as the other shades and require multiple applications to get the same intensity of the color. You get the most impact from the pigments in this palette when a primer and eyeshadow based are used. Overall, if you are#DivaonaDime wanting to get the Naked palette looks at a fraction of the cost this is an excellent choice. The real value is that, for the cost you pay for the price of the Naked 2 palette, you can buy all four of the Kiss New York palettes, and have money for a pedicure. Now that's a savings!

The Honey,