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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Last Word: Thoughts of a Beauty Blogger


Can We Talk? 

We Must Embrace Our Own Unique Beauty

With so many different social media outlets granting more and more of us the opportunity to become “insta-famous,” why then are there still those who struggle with accepting the beauty of who we are as a people?

Mainstream media only seems to let a few of us into their inner circle at a time, and we all cried tears as we sat attentively listening to Lupita Nyong’os acceptance speech at the 2014 Black Women of Hollywood awards luncheon, where she recounted her own personal struggle with what she called her “Dark Beauty” The impact of her words not only gave validation to  the struggle of self-acceptance every woman of color has had to deal with at some point in her life, from the lightest to the darkest, but also a sense of pride as the media crowned this mahogany beauty the “it” girl of the moment. That is the reason why we must lead the way in impacting how we are represented in the media. 

We as social media “gurus” have a social responsibility and must make it our undertaking to guarantee that women of color no matter the range of shade, skin tone, shape, and hair texture and style are celebrated on these very power social media platforms. We have to fill the gaps in these channels with images and representations that exalt our diverse beauty, I for one, do not take this mission lightly. We are here to take the hurt out of the “color thing” that assaults us daily and the more we celebrate us, the easier it makes for us to get past self-doubt and to see ourselves as the magnificent creations that we are.

A wise woman once said, “There’s something about our strength, our honesty, our rhythm, our curves, our song. We cannot be articulated into one Black woman”, (Solange Piaget Knowles) with that said, all I can say is, it’s not about vanity, but taking hold our victory and claiming our rightful place as Queens in these realm.

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