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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Buyer Beware

Are you getting the best value for full size Products?

It's forecasted that the cosmetic industry in the United States will have a revenue of 62.46 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. This makes the U.S. the biggest cosmetic market in the world, according to Bottom line, the world is spending billions to look beautiful, but how does this affect the consumer's pocket?

Being a makeup artist does have its perks, such as discounts on cosmetics for licensed MUAs, but freelancers, makeup enthusiasts, and everyday women are paying retail price for products that they are buying, and I think I can say for all, we want more bang for the buck! So when I decided to look for a primer to meet the needs of my maturing skin, I went to Youtube and several blogger sites that I look to for information and reviews. I landed at Ulta's website in search of the highly reviewed Smashbox brand primers, and yes I have Ulta's rewards card. I finally decided on Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primers: Minimizing Primer, and why not with benefits such as "color correcting, wrinkle reducing, and "dark spot defying" sounds like a "miracle product" to me, and the points that I have saved up for a big purchase was incentive enough for me to want to try the product.

$16.00 .50 fl. oz.

$39.00 1 fl. oz.
Now, you don't have be a mathematical genius to see that the full size product is not the best value in this case. Buying two travel size bottles gives me the same fluid ounce of product as the full size at a lower cost. $32.00 dollars for two travel size versions versus $39.00 for one full size may not seem like a big difference, but it will in your pocket. For example, if you buy one ounce of this product every month for a year, the full size version would cost you $468.00, while buying two travel sizes monthly costs $384.00. For the Diva on a budget, saving money on beauty products is the number one priority. So which option would you choose?

The frugalista in me won out! Instead of applying my rewards to the $39.00 Smashbox primer that I was unable to apply Ulta's $3.50 coupon to, I purchased NYX's Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer for $12.99 and since Ulta has an going sale on NYX products you are able to buy 1, get 1 50% off, so I was also able to purchase the full size Fly with Me mascara priced at $8.99 at half price. Oh it gets better, the $3.50 coupon was applicable to this $10 or more order.  The total with all the savings deducted, excluding tax and shipping came to $17.49 for the two full size NYX products versus buying the travel size Smashbox primer for $16.00. Overall, I saved $21.50., and I still didn't have to use my rewards points, but I will let you do the math. 

12.99 1 fl. oz.

$8.99 .028 oz.
I will end with the words of the famous cheapskate, Macklemore, "I am stunting and flossing and saving my money and I am halla happy. That's a bargain B!@#$." As always, please, like, comment and share. 

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