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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Last Word: The Thoughts of a Beauty Blogger

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Can We Talk? Does Social Media Support or Hinder the Grieving Process?

In struggling to decide whether to write this piece, I had to really question whether I was writing this piece because of the sensationalized news media coverage surrounding the mysterious deaths of several people while they were held in police custody or am I writing it to support those who are truly grieving their losses?

All of my social newsfeeds was being bombarded by several stories of police brutality that lead to death. So, I decided to dig a little deeper and began to search the web. The top search result was an article in which the family of Sandra Bland requested that social media stop posting speculation about the events in question, I immediately felt torn. Even as I am writing this a have a sense of guilt washes over me. But it does make you stop to say, "Hmmm!" You have to think about the fact that every time an article is written it is like the families are reliving the events, regardless of whether the articles are based in facts or not. So, every time we read a Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media post, we should question ourselves are we really supporting the families or hindering their grieving process by posting the story.

As a blogger, I too am guilt in a sense, by clicking the publish button, of following the trend. I think that we should all take a moment to pray for those who have recently lost loved ones and pray that they be given the support and strength as they deal with their loss.

I will close with saying that all lives matter.

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