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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Make-up Brush Round Up with BH Cosmetics

To ensure a flawless execution of your make-up application, using the proper beauty tools is essential. Cruising down the make-up aisle in your local drugstore can be a boobie trap, of items on sale, begging to be purchased, but no one to assist with making a purchase for the right tools to ensure an impeccable finish, dang! Make-up brushes are essential to perfecting your look. The beauty world doesn't make this any easier by offering an assortment of brands, types, and price ranges that would boggle the average person's mind, so how do you know which is best for applying blush or foundation, and most importantly: How many do you really need? Ask any make-up artist, and the answer would likely be a 10pc-12pc set.

BH Cosmetics offers this reasonable priced 12 piece synthetic make-up brush set that will meet the needs of the make-up novice or the pro. The shimmering  bronze hard cover case snaps close to protect your brushes and is excellent for travel. It's an excellent stocking stuffer for the make-up geek in your life. Continue reading for instructions on how to use each brush in this beautiful set.

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  1. Fan Brush: Can be used to apply blush, blend, clean up excess powder and highlight cheekbones.
  2. Large Powder Brush: Most common of all the brushes and should be in every woman collection. This Brush is used to apply any type of powder foundation product.
  3. Blush Brush: This brush makes it easier to apply products perfectly to your cheekbones.
  4. Classic Foundation Brush: Is used to smooth liquid or cream foundation for a streak-free application.
  5. Large Dome Blending Brush: The fluffy bristles of the brush is used to diffuse and blend color. This go-to brush is used for blending eye-shadows together, softening edges, and applying brow bone highlighters.
  6. Fluffy Shader Brush: This versatile brush is ideal for packing any type of eye shadow and uniformly distributes product on the eyelid.
  7. Tapered  Blending Brush: The longer bristles of this tapered tip softens the edges of more dramatic looks or blends color together on the lid.
  8. Angled Flat Top Shader Brush: This shading Brush is used for a much softer application of shadow. The perfect size for brow highlight.
  9. Flat Shadow Brush: It's your ultimate eyeshadow tool. Get an all-over sweep of color with the flat side of the brush, or use the fine, rounded tip for more precise shading. Thanks to the tight bristles, this multi-purpose brush picks up a little or a lot of shadow, so you can shade, blend and define.
  10. Pencil Brush: For precision shading on the lid, in the eye crease or along the lash line.
  11. Angled Liner Brush: This is a tool that can be used for more than tracing a rim of winged gel liner along your upper lashes. It’s also perfect for anything that needs a straight edge.
  12. Spooley Brush: Yep, it's your Mascara wand, the stand-alone brush is called a spoolie. Great for removing mascara clumps. This brush is also great for grooming your brows, whether it's for distributing pigment for bold brows or grooming a  stray hair.
I always find creative ways to use my brushes that they weren't originally made for and achieved beautiful results. I encourage you to experiment. I hope this helps. Please share, comment, and like.
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