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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Last Word: The Thoughts of a Beauty Blogger


Can We Talk?  Beauty and The Golden Girl

As a college student, I remember rushing home from class to turn on the TV to watch, Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, and Blanche, the residents of Shady Pines, a fictitious senior citizen residential community in Miami, Florida. The Golden Girls, Emmy and Globe Award Winning, a TV sitcom based in my hometown shared a very hilarious view of life of four quinquagenarian (50+) women as they navigate life, death, menopause, relationships, and vanity. These mature women were celebrated for their wit, wisdom, and beauty, but thirty years later now that I am fifty, I find that social media can be a harsh critic of those of us who dare to venture into the realm were youth and beauty are synonymous.

I, personally started blogging at the suggestion of family and friends, who felt I should share my knowledge, skills, and beauty tips. Make-up for me was a way to occupy my mind and hands as, I struggled to deal with the death of my husband and months later of my Mom. So, to say I entered a foreign and often times hostile territory (Facebook, Google+,
Instagram, etc.,) at forty-nine is an under statement.

While navigating the social media scene in an effort to establish my brand, I was fortunate to meet some very beautiful forty plus women, who inspired me, and like me wanted to share their love of make-up, fashion, hair, and the lifestyle of the more mature population. Often, I have thought to myself that maybe I am getting to old to continue to use my face as a canvas for my artistry. Several weeks later, I was again questioning whether I should continue posting my pictures. To my horror, a beautiful and mature, fellow make-up artist announced on instagram that she was closing her instragram account. As one of her followers, at times I would come across various posts where she would lament about her concern for her aging looks. I was the first to respond to her final post, before she pulled the plug, to try to encourage her to remain social (I honestly envied her mad blending skills, okay I can admit that I can be petty). Her choice of eye palettes and blending skills blew me away! She was truly the Queen of Blending in my eyes. In her farewell post, she spoke of how long she was a cosmetologist and nail technician (She owns her own nail salon and her nail creations are just as fly as her make-up of the day posts). She spoke on the one thing that I think should have kept her a float in the social media arena, and that is the skill set that she had to offer to not just older women, but the younger women as well. I felt that there was still many avenues that she could have ventured into like make-up classes, workshops, and a hosts of other venues that she could have explored, but to my dismay, she closed her account before I could suggest them. You know the world is coming to an end, when Cindy Crawford can't turn around the often negative view of forty plus women wanting to only diminish wrinkles and fine lines, or maybe she is aiding in the view that older women just want anti-aging skin care regimens.

This forgotten demographic of older women is widely associated with products targeted towards anti-aging, but is this all the mature beauty aficionados wants? In a effort to reinvent themselves, the Gen X population (ages 35 to 50) is projected to outnumber the Baby Boomers (ages 51 to 69), and they are seeking the cosmetic and beauty industries as a vehicle to help them achieve this.  With 2016 rolling in, the Millennial generation(ages 18 to 34) is projected to outnumber both Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, and will be the target of the new 2016 beauty campaigns, I only hope, the beauty industry won't forget about the value of old money (pun intended). 

As for me, I can only say that I am not ready to "throw in the towel. I feel that I have more to offer to social media and the world. At this moment, I am comfortable with my fine lines and wrinkles, but who knows, next year I will be considered a Baby Boomer at fifty-one, I may change my mind, but for now I am kickin' in the beauty industry doors, and saying, "How You doin'?"

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