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Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Buyer's Remorse: Don't Believe the Hype!

Don't Believe the Hype!

Now, after the Holiday frenzy is over, the buyers remorse begins. I, like everyone else is guilty of this one. Those damn Influencers, they made me do it! I happily visited my favorite YouTube channels and Instagram accounts for holiday inspiration and boy did I find it, online I went with enticements of deep savings and discount codes and my pocket felt it!

Morning News from the Today show to The Talk was raving about the ease of Online shopping! I took in this delivery fiasco about to blow up. I was online shopping prior to Thanksgiving and was surprised that items I purchased in the States was taking longer to arrive. There were various factors that contributed to this; Hurricane Matthew, torrential rains in Louisiana, California wildfires, and flooding in West Virginia, all of which, had an impact on the USPS. UPS workers' demands for fair health care, in the midst of benefits cuts and company expansion, slowed delivery due to strikes. Several other carriers such as FedEx and others were affected by Winter storms. Long distance trucker shortages are one of various contributors to the delays, that prompted the American Trucking Associations to look into to the technology of Autonomous commercial truckers or as they called, "Driverless Trucks," as a mean to help elevate the problem.  On the International side, shipper and postal strikes only added to our all ready compounding delays stateside. Now, on to the nitty gritty!

Now come on y'all, who didn't run out to buy that so called "limited edition" item that your favorite, cosmetic company, YouTuber, Instagrammer, didn't shove in your face, I throw myself in this lot too, and said, "This is great, go buy it!"All I know is those claims of the deep savings and discount codes had my name written all over them. Ugh! The shopping bug has got me! I said I wouldn't do this to myself, but I justified each purchase with Ebates, Amazon, and member points, and even getting free samples, how pitiful! To add injury to it all where the crashing company websites, products being sold out before the sale began and poorly equipped customer service departments. The Peach palette by Toofaced and several of the Kylie Jenner kits are just a few samples of this. There are customers still waiting to receive shipments after the holidays!

Now, as I'm looking at my palettes that I purchased over this holiday season from high-end to drugstore, all I can say is, Dam it Man!" They all look the same, what can I say, I like what I like, but do I really need 30 palettes of the same shade! Ain't hindsight a bitch?!

My best advice is to check out the shipping, return and dispute policies of companies prior to your purchase. In my search for answers in delays, I found that most shipping carriers list on their websites, delivery alerts that offer information on those situations that affect delivery and sometimes areas that are affected. The sites offer other helpful tools that can help reduce your "DSS" delivery stress syndrome. And for goodness sakes, don't be enticed by those crafty spinners of tales, you know the Social Media Gurus! Take a little time to think over your purchases before you dive in. How about getting out and do a little swatch testing yourself to ensure you have a good match. You will be surprised that the sales associates are there to help you make an informed decision, and answer answer your questions, all you have to do is ask. Where the hell was hindsight when I needed Her?!

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