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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Beauty and the Financial Beast

Conquering the Beauty Beast

According to Shoshanna Delventhal's article, "Cosmetics Industry Disruptors Target Millennials," Contributor for, "the booming global cosmetics industry is now worth an estimated $56.7 billion, with skincare making up 36.1% of the whole...". As the targets of their product campaigns, we are the key to their profits, but where does that leave our pockets? Dry!

Like everyone else, I can't wait for the next palette to drop, and to spend my hard earn coins to say I got it first! As an Influenster, I test these same industry products out for free, but as a consumer, the cost can be astronomical for these same products, if I didn't find ways to lessen the blow. Here are a few ways in which I tame the Beauty Beast.


As a Social Entrepreneur, it's imperative that I understand the value of my dollars, and with that said, I wonder how many, so called, "Beauty Gurus" own stocks in the very brands that they support? Better yet, How many Youtuber collaboration deals, with big Cosmetics Giants, result in company stock as a part of their contracts? Just some things that make you say, hmmm?! Does anyone remember the Youtuber, Nikkie Tutorials',  deal that went bad?! Question? Do you know at least one of the top traded cosmetics line stock symbol? Inquiring mind would like to know? Well, I was surprised to find out that one was one of my favorite cosmetic line with the stock symbol of EL: Estee Lauder. Yep, that's right, I said, Estee Lauder. I was even more surprised to find out that Estee Lauder also owns quite a few well known cosmetic lines as well. (Disclaimer: Seek the advisement of a licensed Financial Advisor) Yes, I own Estee Lauder stock. What better way to invest in my retirement than to own a piece of the $56.7 billion dollar pie! The bottom line is the demand for beauty products worldwide is still growing and regularly offer new products that help them to dominate their competitors, and that means an offering of stable and regular dividends checks to their investors. Check out some of the stocks of your favorite cosmetics and skin care brands. Investing not your thing, there are always other ways to help put money back in your pocket! 

*Quick Quiz: 

What are the names of these top traded Cosmetics and Skin Care Lines? Stock Symbols: EL...LRLCY...UL...LVMUY...PG...ATTARTP... Some are easy, but some will surprise you. *Check the postscript for the answers.

Give Us Free!

Listen, the best thing that I could have done for myself is to, accept an invite to Receiving free products for my opinion, helps to let companies take steps to improve their products, and it makes me feel that my voice matters. The first free product I received to try and review was the Laura Mercier TSLP Med Deep retailing for $38.00, since then I have received several Influenster boxes. Now, any makeup artist or makeup enthusiasts knows the value of receiving name brand cosmetic products for free. I currently have received over $400.00 worth of products, and at this writing opening up my new VoxBox that I received for review. If you would like to join me in receiving free products, (products are not limited to makeup, there are everyday items too) just click my link and sign up I got it Free!


Getting cash back is definitely a reward programs that I have really learned to love. Shopping for items that I use on a regular basis and receiving a "Big Fat Check" at the end of the cycle is a nice treat to receive in the mail. This program is a beauty junkies dream, yes, I have received ebates for top brands such as Estee Lauder, Tarte, and a few others. This programs has rewards for clothes, shoes, electronics, and such much more! The best is the Tell-A-Friend incentive. Hey Friend, join me on Ebates and receive your first $25 Big Fat Check for your everyday shopping. Click here⇨ Ebates Rewards

Doing Good By Sharing

This is the one of the best ways that I know to Earn and give back at the same time. Earn while you socialize, and use your earnings to do good through Charity! With so many ways to earn Wow Coins, you can earn from; shopping with rebates and/or earn Wow Coins, tounlocking your Screen, playing games, surveys, and building your social networks, their are numerous to earn and give back! The beauty is you can cash out at any time for real cash! Sweet! I have been so blessed in my own life, I can't help but, to  pay it forward by giving back, if you believe in giving back, join me on my journey of doing good! Click ⇒Wow! I Want to Earn and Share!

The Bottom Line

Whether your interested in investing or cash back programs, or something in between, it is always best to be an educated consumer, and based your decision on  your personal lifestyle, financing, and comfort level, and always, always seek the counsel of a professional, and read through the fine print to make sure of your obligations and exactly what you are signing up. There are so many programs to choice from, so do your research!

I do hope that you found some value in this article, and if you do,  please,  like, share, comment, and subscribe. 

The Honey

*Answer: Estee Lauder, L'Oréal, UniLever, Louis Vuitton (which owns Sephora, Surprise!), and Tarte.