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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallics Review

Review: Gorgeous New Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallic Lipsticks

The Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallics Lipsticks.

I love Matte Metallics lipsticks, but I have nothing in my collection that compares to these metallic shadeshifters from Maybelline's Color Sensational Matte Metallics Lipstick Collection.These lipsticks are available in dazzling earthy metallic tones. The heavy metals on the periodic table, that we all know and love, are represented– bronze, steel, gold, and copper – but they’ve also included some unconventional earth tones like jungle green, stone grey, and a deep navy blue. 

So, I couldn't contain my excitement when I received 2 of the 10 matte metallic lipsticks in the collection complimentary from Influenster's contest, in exchange for this review.  I received both Molten Bronze, and Smoked Silver.  As you probably already realize, the term “metallic matte” finish is kind of contradictory. Metallic, suggest shininess, but it's also matte, which is clearly the opposite. How do you create a finish in real life that is definitely unique, it's metallic… but not? The creamy formulation glides over the lips for a smooth application.  Just think of a metallic nail polish that is full of colorful sparkles. This is also true for these creamy lipsticks, but the while the mattifying quality lessens their ability to shine, it doesn’t necessarily dim their sparkle.The sheer creamy matte finish is buildable, so you can wear just a hint of metallic shimmer or go ham for maximum metallic shine.  

Smoked Silver on my skin tone comes off as a muted, medium lavender with
more neutral lavender undertone paired with a silvery iridescent metallic finish. It has medium pigmentation, which is buildable to a semi-opaque coverage. I just couldn't achieve full opaqueness. This one will need a primer or lip liner underneath it to work well. This shade wore for just over four and a half hours on me with a bit of color that had pulled into my lip lines over the course of the day. 
PRO TIP: (Darker Skin Tones) conceal lips and line with a lip liner in order to get maximum wearability and pigmentation on these Metallic mood shifters.
Molten Bronze is not bronze at all, it has more of a plum undertone that shifts to a bronze/green duo chrome metallic finish,  let’s get that out of the way first. The only tone it shares with bronze is the multi-tonal shimmer the makes it a little bit brown, a little bit red, and a little bit of a green shimmer all at the same time. But if I had to pick a base shade for this lipstick, it would be plum. This is a plum lipstick with some serious duo chrome shifts going on, but it’s definitely not bronze. Okay, now that we have that out of the way: this color is amazing! Photos don’t do it justice, despite my efforts, but you can kind of see the teal green/gold duo chrome that occurs when light hits the lipstick. I can’t really explain the way in which this lipstick behaves on my lips. It’s reflects at least three different shades and sheers out to a deep berry purple. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous!

Maybelline Matte Metallics lipsticks creamy, but matte formula is a plus for me, and I love both shades. Both Smoked Silver and Molten Bronze are definitely for the more adventurous, there are, however, more subtle shades in the collection.  These lipsticks aren't for everyone, but if you are a matte metallic lover, like me, you will love these. They are Brie approved. 

Do you have a favorite shade from this collection? What the heck is going on with these colors? 

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